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Want your students to debate?

Argutopia is a comprehensive platform for promoting debate-centered instruction.  Our mission is to provide Instructors resources and tools to incorporate the powerful pedagogy of debating into every classroom and every subject.

Please see our pricing options below

Individual License

$5.00    |    $7.50

  student / quarter            student / semester

Instructors can opt to purchase a license for their own classes or students may purchase access for a particular class. Individual licenses are based on duration and–for purchase by Instructors–student count.

Institutional License

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An institutional license entitles all Instructors of a particular institution to unlimited use of the platform. Institutional licenses may be purchased for departments, schools or entire districts. Please contact us to discuss Institutional license pricing.

Professional Development

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We can arrange stand-alone professional development for your institution or design a bundle that includes PD and a usage license.  Argutopia employs leaders in the field of academic debating to provide engaging and practical PD that Instructors can use immediately.

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